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's been very grateful how the bushes have been. president george w. bush have stayed largely on the sidelines. i don't need to play the critic. i think he struck up a pretty good relationship with george h. w. bush. so the relationship with clinton is prickly and complicated. chris: it is an interesting friendship-rivalry. before we break, the famously close relationship between the bush and bill clinton didn't start out so swimingly. clinton was flummox at al gore keeping him at a distance because of the lewinsky matter. but he couldn't resist spouting off. he held out a texas twang and gave his best bush impression. i'm a governor, my daddy was president. i own a baseball team. but al gore was right in using the lewinsky issue. >> now if he decides he can't help himself and starts campaigning against me, the shadow returns. bill: the shadow. we learned when book visited the white house after the recount of 2000, he asked clinton if that shadow offended him and he gave him a pass. and of course clinton became close to george bush 41 and the family. they consider clinton a br
political disaster. without roberts, a george w. bush appointee himself, the landmark obama accomplishment would have been struck down by the court's conservatives. and the president's opponents would have been handed a battering ram for the coming campaign. any observer could see that a weight had been lifted off the president's shoulders. >> whatever the politics, today's decision was a victory for people all over this country whose lives will be more secure because of this law and the supreme court's decision to uphold it. >> what an unusual pairing. barack obama, the liberal president, progressive president, and chief justice john roberts. they will be joined together in history. >> yeah. and i think you couldn't see this coming. because if you go back to the oral argument, it sure did seem like a majority. court was not prepared to uphold the law. and now we know why. because a majority. court also said that the government's central theory, which you could do this under the commerce clause, was not constitutional. instead, it was the government's fallback that satched the day. and dur
alternative, an unacceptable alternative in people's minds. he makes him radioactive that george w bush running with a weak economy made kerry unacceptable. chris: i heard this before, a rerun of 2004, go after the other guy. >> you make it a choice. it's no longer about barack obama, what they would like to make it. >> they make it not about the incumbent but about the choice. >> they're saying this is bush on steroids, they're drawing that parallel? >> can they get away with that? >> they can. we haven't created enough jobs. this guy talks about firing people. >> when we come back, "scoops and predictions" right from the notebooks of these top re chris: welcome back, starting with john, something different this week, i want you to handle this prediction. this fall in the presidential debates, which candidate, obama or romney will paint the most detailed, most dramatic platform for the next four years. john. >> romney has a problem if he is not the person. the challenger has the luxury of specificity because he doesn't have a record to run on. chris: most likely romney will do it. >> y
but did not mention former president george w. bush. >>> to penn state. that is the scathing conclusion of an eight-month inquiry into the school of handing of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. >> reporter: former fbi director louis freeh said it was fear of publicly that kept coach paterno from revealing jerry sandusky's contact with young boys. >> the most but powerfulman at penn state. >> reporter: they pored over 3 million documents some that showed that paterno contrary to his grand jury testimony did know about a 1998 police investigation into sandusky's contact with a young boy in the penn state locker room shower. they blasted spanier, curley and schultz for their actions. >> nobody even spoke to sandusky, not one of those four persons, including coach who was a few step as away from his office. there's no indication anybody spoke to him. >> reporter: throughout the investigation all have denied knowing the full extent of sandusky's actions. the board of trustees was singled out for its lack of oversight. >> you should know our hearts remain heavy and we are deeply ashamed.
at wimbledon in 74 years. he will face roger federer in sunday's match. >>> today is former president george w. bush's 66th birthday and during a trip this week to africa, at a home for children in need, he got a pretty special birthday gift. the kids serenaded him. ♪ happy birthday to you >> the bushes were in africa to promote work regarding breast and cervical cancer and are on their way home tonight. this is also nancy reagan's 91st birthday and yesterday she attended her first public event since a fall in may when she broke several ribs. she helped inaugurate a new exhibit from the walt disney archives at the reagan library. as you can see, mickey and minnie mouse showed up for the occasion. we're told they did their own rendition of "happy birthday." >>> up next, four women on a remarkable road trip making a difference. markable road trip m difference. out with my friends. i have a great fit with my dentures. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free -- it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. even well-fitting dentures
want to show you some surprising comments from former president george w. bush. he doesn't give many interviews and in an interview with the hoover institute, he says why. he said he wants to fade from public view and public life as much as it is possible for any former president. >> but i really don't want to be in the public eye anymore. and i feel a certain sense of liberation not being out there. >> you like it better. >> i really do. eight years was awesome. and i was famous and i was powerful but i have no desire for fame and power anymore. >> the former president said part of his motivation in wanting to fade from the scene is not to be seen trying to interfere in any way the current president. >>> a warming atlantic ocean has taken its toll again on one of greenland's giant glaciers. a piece twice the size of the island of manhattan has broken free. scientists have been watching a crack in the glacier for years. nasa took a satellite photo as it started to break off days ago. two years ago a piece twice the size of this one broke off. scientists will be watching carefully aga
romney's search for a runningmate. rice served as secretary of state for former president george w. bush. he also served as his national security adviser. she has endorsed romney, but when similar rumors surfaced in may again last month, she told reporters she did not intend to be romney's vice president. >> big rally ending the week on wall street, following a six-day losing streak. the dow rebounded today with a 204-point gain. the nasdaq up also 42 points and the s&p 500 up 22 points. new earning reports by j.p. morgan fueled today's positive numbers. >> despite revelations that the bank now says the trade cost it $5.8 billion this year. that's almost three times the original estimate and each more it's possible that its oesh traders might have covered up the bad bet and it's gotten rid of managers who were tied to the bad trade. >> it may be must rating for commuters and it could be costing the commonwealth millions of dollars. vij virj fell to third place on cnbc's list of top states for business. it had been at first or second since the network started releasing its annual list in
, as was the case under president george w. bush, that that did not create jobs, it just increased the deficit, took us to the brink of a recession, and that's not the way to go. but that's the same that the republicans are presenting now. the president is talking about growth. he's talking about fiscal responsibility. we need revenue. we need cuts. we need growth to create jobs. and i have every confidence that the president out there -- he already has made a tremendous difference. but you cannot assume that the public knows when there's this barrage of endless money. that's why i say money has to be taken out -- endless money making misrepresentations on the campaign trail. >> high drama this week with the contempt vote for the attorney general. you and others have walked out as this vote was taking place. >> yeah. >> you actually suggested there's some conspiracy among republicans because he's challenging some of the voting rights act laws around the country that they went after him on the contempt vote. what do you have as a fact? >> i don't say it's a conspiracy. i say it's self-evident that th
george h.w. bush. he said he was a good president. he said he was never called a wimp before and doesn't lose any sleep over the criticism. brian? >> peter alexander traveling in jerusalem. thanks. >>> former vice president dick cheney said it was a mistake for senator john mccain to pick then alaska sarah palin as his running mate back in '08. he said she just want ready to take over the top job, a bottom line qualification for a v.p. selection. >> i like governor palin. i've met her. i know her. she's an attractive candidate, but based on her background, she'd only been governor for about two years. i don't think she passed that test. >> of being ready. >> of being ready to take ore. i think that was a mistake. >> governor -- former vice president cheney went on to say that the mccain campaign didn't handle the vetting process well, which is a perception the romney campaign is, of course, trying hard not to repeat. >>> now to syria where violence continued to intensify today in that country's largest city, aleppo. as we pointed out last night, this is a city larger than chicago, illi
and his daughter held a fundraiser for romney and raised $5 million there. george w. and jh.w. bush will not be attending. >>> if you take southbound 295 into d.c. there is a direct ramp over the 11th street bridge to get you downtown. it is marked 695, 395 capitol hill and it will take you to the southeast-southwest freeway. it should shave ten minutes off your commute. a new ramp to northbound 295 is expected to open this fall. >>> scary moats for a young thrill seeker. >>> the rumor mill running rampant over apple's new tech toy, the ipad mini- >>> outrage at the olympics. the reason behind all the empty seats and the new plan to pack the stadiums. dan joins us live from london. at kaiser permanente, we've made major advancements in reducing the incidents of broken bones in seniors. we've received recognition for getting hypertension under control for over 80% of our members. we've made significant advances in asthma, immunization and maternity care. and j.d. power and associates ranked us highest in member satisfaction among health plans in the virginia/maryland/d.c. region. we'
george h.w. bush will not attend next month's gop convention. the former president's mobility will keep him from attending the gathering in tampa. the 88-year-old has a form of parkinson's and often uses a wheelchair or motorized scooter to get around. this is the first time he'll miss the convention since 1976 when he was cia director. the 41st president and his wife have already endorsed mitt romney. that was back in march. >>> there could soon be another blockbuster weight loss pill on the market. to date fda is deciding whether to approve qnexa. it combines an appetite suppressant and anti-seizure medication that is shown to aid in weight loss. critics worry the side effects can cause increased heart rates and birth defects. but an fda panel cleared the way for approval earlier this year based on new data saying that the benefits outweigh the risks. qnexa is the second weight loss drug approved since 1999. another drug got approval just last month. >>> and the fda also banned the controversial chemical bpa from baby bottles and sippy cups today. manufacturers had already started mak
president george w. bush. >>> also, 6-year-old suri cruise, we've seen her out and about with her mother katie holmes. has she become an unwitting pawn in a public relations campaign. should the press back off? that's one thing to discuss with "today's" professionals. >>> later we'll show you what happened when president obama and the first lady ended up on the dreaded kiss cam not once but twice last night at an exhibition basketball game. yes, they finally did kiss. >> one of the most embarrassing moments you could ever have. let's begin with a story a lot of people are talking about this morning. the sewing needles found in u.s. flights from amsterdam resulted in at least one injury. correspondent pete williams has the latest on that. hi, pete. >> reporter: matt, hi. this is a strange and disturbing discovery. ordinary sewing needles like this one found in five turkey sandwiches on a delta flight sunday. fortunately no one was seriously hurt. all the flights were delta, amsterdam to thee u.s. cities, minneapolis, seattle, two to atlanta. four discovered by passengers, a fifth by a fed
of george w. bush, who was not popular. it's mandatory for a presidential candidate to make these kind of tours. the big stop will be israel. we'll see a lot of governor romney in israel probably with bebe netanyahu, very close and prominent jewish fund-raisers who want to peel away the jewish vote from the democratic party. >> one thing we saw in our poll was that both candidates have high negative ratings. obviously the campaign is taking the toll with some voters. do you think the attacks on romney have been successful? do they hurt president obama where voters say he's likable? >> it's a double-edged sword. very senior republicans are very worried about the success of the obama campaign and the president himself defining governor romney. that's the last thing you want to do in american politics. on the other hand it probably has lowered the public estimation of president obama personally. they just don't like negative voting. a lot of this will change once the conventions get under way. we'll have a redefinition beginning in august. >> you reported some senior republicans are worri
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)